Healing With Positive Thinking

Healing With Positive Thinking

There’s healing power in positive thinking.

And in this article I show you how to apply positive thinking to improve your health and heal yourself.

Now there's scientific proof that you can heal yourself and improve your life when your positive, optimistic and focus on things getting better.

It all starts by applying the right kind of positive thinking so that you direct your subconscious mind to heal your body and improve your life.

Doctors confirm that you have this power - now start using it to improve your life and your health.

Today, I'll show you how the power of positive thinking helps you heal yourself and how to direct this power to recover faster while dramatically improving your life.

The power of positive thinking is so powerful that today Doctors strongly recommend having a positive mental attitude to prevent sickness and to overcome medical setbacks like disease and recovering from surgery.

It's about time... you see I've been saying it for years and now finally Doctors are getting it right.

You see a few months ago my mom went in for minor surgery, and when I went with her to see her Doctor the first thing he asked my mom was if she felt optimistic or if she was scared.

Then he asked - do you think you'll get through this?

I wanted to scratch my head simply because in all the years she's been seeing him he never asked these kinds of questions.

Now my mom is a pretty positive and optimistic person, and her responses were all positive. She's optimistic that she'll get better and she knew she'd recover from her surgery.

And today's she's doing great.

But on her follow up visit I asked the Doctor why he asked about her attitude.

He said it's becoming more and more important to have a positive mental attitude when ever you get sick or before you go in for any surgery. He said in some cases, they work with patients now to help them be more optimistic and more positive about their health.

Why? I asked (I just wanted to get his take on this).

He cited some recent studies which said that there is a clear connection between what you think and believe - and how the body works. That positive thinking, and positive beliefs lead to healthier, longer life.

This is quite a turnaround.

Because for centuries Doctors did everything they could to keep the mind and body separate (I know this doesn't make any sense, but that's actually what they did), saying the two were not connected.

Well now they finally admit that they had it wrong.

Dr. Ravinder Mamtani in New York, who has been leading the research in this field, says "In many cases if you have a chronic disease or illness, calming the mind will calm the disease or illness."

Calming the mind means getting rid of the negative thinking, being optimistic, and focusing on the positive aspects do that and you'll heal yourself.

All you have to do is learn how to be calm, control, and direct your mind so that you have a positive belief system and remain optimistic and you really do change your life.

Dr. Mamtani went on to find that patients who had or who developed a positive attitude and positive feelings had better outcomes and were more likely to rebound from medical setbacks.

So apply positive thinking.

Be optimistic.

Focus on the positive aspects.

Direct your mind and subconscious mind to help you get better and enjoy your life.

But there's more...

By having this positive attitude, by getting your mind and subconscious mind to be more positive and optimistic you attract more positive situations into your life.

You naturally and easily begin to have more success and achieve your goals.

So begin directing your mind and subconscious mind to help you heal yourself and you'll also enjoy greater success.

So if positive thinking improves your health, does negative thinking make things worse?

You bet. Doctors say a negative attitude or negative feelings and negative thinking lead to major setbacks and make any sickness worse. "There is now evidence for example, that hopelessness accelerates heart disease and increases mortality." Says Dr. Mamtani. Negative thinking increases the chances of heart failure and leads to an early death.

"The mind and the body's defense system communicate and work with each other." Said Dr. Mamtani.

That's why you really need to put an end to negative thinking. It does you no good and only makes your life worse.

There's scientific proof that negative thinking makes life worse, leads to greater struggle and shortens your life span.

So start getting rid of the negative thinking today.

Fill your mind with positive thinking and a positive attitude.

Be optimistic and look on the bright side of things.

There's also proof that positive thinking, an optimistic mind and a positive attitude leads to better health, a longer life and greater success.

Getting rid of the negative thinking and directing your mind and subconscious mind to be positive and optimistic is a lot easier than you think - you just have to persistent and work at it regularly. But it pays off.

Stop negative thinking.

Begin to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Train your mind to focus on positive aspects of your life.

Create positive beliefs that not only allow you to succeed - they also make you feel better.

To develop an optimistic and positive mind and subconscious mind start changing your beliefs and the way you see things.

Focus on how things can get better.

Believe that you can succeed.

Get rid of negative thinking by tracking your thoughts and eliminating the negative thoughts and beliefs.

Change them to positive thoughts and positive beliefs.

The changes begin when your subconscious mind begins to pick up the new belief system. It then begins to guide you to the situations, and opportunities to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. At the same time you begin to calm the mind and the subconscious begins to calm the body leading to better health.

When your mind begins to automatically focus on what you want and stops being negative you will begin to see dramatic changes.

Eliminate negative thinking.

Remove limiting beliefs.

Focus on what you want.

Create a new positive, optimistic attitude.

Create beliefs that allow you to enjoy life and succeed.

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