Creating Change with Positive Thinking

Creating Changes With Positive Thinking

When you apply positive thinking regularly you'll be able to create dramatic and long lasting changes. But you have to apply positive thinking correctly and in this article I'll outline a few simple steps you can follow and work with.

There's no quick solution to developing positive thinking, it's something you have to work with and implement over a period of time. That means that any changes you want to make will also take some time. There is no quick fix and just because you start applying positive thinking today doesn't mean that your life will change tomorrow.

It takes time for an new positive thinking patterns to take hold. But there is real power in positive thinking you just need some patience to see it payoff.

Most people are not taught to think positive and no one ever really tells you how to develop positive thinking. Instead, you likely have more negative thoughts than positive. You likely think negative before having positive thoughts. If that's the case you'll end up creating more and more negative siutations.

As time goes on and things don't work out or go the way you want you realize that you need to chagne things in your life. And it's mainly because you're not getting what you want. And you're not getting what you want because your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Your subconscious simply creates what you regularly think about and believe. So if you're filled with negative thoughts then you likely have more of what you don't want in life. Things can never work out if you're constantly negative.

A friend may suggest that you practice positive thinking and everything will change.

Of course that's easier said than done.

So how do you create changes by working with positive thinking?

Think about what you want to change and that means that you focus only on what you want, and not on what you don't want.

An example of thinking about what you don't want is something like the following:

I don't want to be broke.
I don't want to be overweight
I don't want to be stressed
I don't want to be in debt

Instead focus on what you want. This is a requirement for positive thinking because when you think about what you don't want your energy is on the negative. When you think about what you want, your energy is on the positive.

When it comes to positive thinking, the emphasis has to be on the positive - so what you want has to be in the positive, otherwise any positive thinking techniques won't work. changelife

Change the above to what you want, so they would likely sound like:

I want to be rich
I want to be slim and in shape
I want to be calm and relaxed
I want to have extra money for myself

These are new positive statements, and the thought process behind them is positive. This is how you begin to apply positive thinking when you want to create changes.

Next create and work with positive affirmations, but, and this is important, make sure your positive affirmations are focused on what you want. They should be positive and they should address or reflect the changes you want. This is another important step in applying positive thinking to create changes.

Now think about what you want to change or improve in your life.

You may want to make more money. Make that a goal and decide how much you want to make.

You may want to meet the right life partner, and have a terrific relationship. Now think about the dynamics of this new relationship and what kind of person you want to be with.

You may want to change your job. Think about the kind of job you want and where you want it.

Once you know what you want, think about the positive things that you can do to achieve that goal. Then start doing them.

When you begin to have doubts, get rid of them. Change those thoughts of doubts to positive thoughts that focus on what you want to achieve. Think of why you can achieve what you want not why you can't.

This kind of positive thinking gets your mind and your subconscious mind focused on why you can achieve your goals, provides you with positive feedback so that you encourage yourself to go forward and gives you a clear direction or a clear path to follow.

Let's re-cap what you can do to create changes in your life and how positive thinking can play an important role in the process:

  • Be patient. When you apply positive thinking your mind will take some time to adjust and accept your new thoughts. Your subconscious mind will also take some time to adjust. Change will happen but don't expec them to happen overnight
  • Think about what you want. Stop thinking about what's wrong and what you don't want. Just focus on what you want.
  • Create positive affirmations that you can recite regularly.
  • Decide what you want and be clear about what you want.
  • Do things to help you achieve your goals and create the changes you want.
  • Get rid of the thoughts of doubt and uncertainty.
  • Give yourself positive encouargement

Remember, positive thinking is a practice. Positive thinking is not something that you can apply quickly and easily when things go wrong. Positive thinking is not a bandage that heals things quickly. Positive thinking is a long term solution. To get the full benefits of positive thinking it should be part of your everyday thought process. You want to be practicing positive thinking everyday when ever you can as often as you can.

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