Intuition And Positive Thinking

Developing intuition is fun and easy and when you use positive thinking to develop your intuition you can enjoy better results. By applying positive thinking you'll be able to better understand or recognize your intuitive voice and message.

Your intuition is always speaking, always communicating and always working for you. The message from your intuition is positive, it only wants to help you and make your life easier.

But when you don't have a positive thinking mindset, when your mind is negative and filled with clutter, you won't be able to recognize or understand your intuition. If can't understand or recognize it you won't be able to work with it and you lose an important partner in your success.

By thinking positive, by applying positive thinking you're able to get rid of that clutter, eliminate the negative thinking and you'll be able to recognize your intuition when it communicates.


To develop intuition first think about what guidance you want. You should think positive about the guidance you want and that means keeping the request in the positive tense.

Then trust that you will get the answer and this is where positive thinking comes into play.

You see your intuition is always at work, and you can develop your intuition when you trust that you will get the answer you want.

But years of negative thinking will prevent you from recognizing your intuition. You won't be able to understand the intuitive guidance if you have too much negative thinking.

Negative thinking leads to doubt, it forces you to question your intuition, to not trust it and in the end you do the opposite of what your intuition tells you and that gets you in more trouble.

With positive thinking you trust that you'll get your answer, and you trust that your intuition will give you the answer and guidance that is best for you.

This is how positive thinking helps you develop your intuition.

Positive thinking eliminates the clutter and removes the doubt and positive thinking allows you to develop your intuition so that you always recognize your intuition and so that you can communicate easily with your intuition.

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